Looking for a solution to brewing delicious coffee from the comfort of your own home?

  • Cost-effective and simple brewing process
  • Brews in as little as 30 seconds
  • Durable and strong design



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The AeroPress coffee maker is a simple and cost-effective solution to brewing delicious coffee from the comfort of your own home.

The beauty of the AeroPress is that it will brew your coffee in the way it is meant to be brewed. This means a rapid, total immersion during the brewing process, involving the ultimate temperature and ideal conditions for the perfect cup of coffee. It is also incredibly versatile, easily adapting to brew regular American-style coffee as well as lattes, espressos and many other types of popular drinks. 

Working in a similar way to the French press or traditional cafetiere, the AeroPress is a unique and innovative method of brewing top-quality coffee. The design is simple – to begin with, your desired blend of water and coffee go into the lower chamber and a paper filter will be placed in the cap. Then, after approximately 30-45 seconds of brewing time, you can depress the plunger to push the water and coffee through the paper filter. The end result? A rich, smooth, intensively-flavoured cup of coffee. 

The entire process is quick and easy, perfect for those who often find themselves pressed for time. You needn’t worry about your AeroPress sustaining damage, either, as the system is made from durable food-safe plastic, rendering it unbreakable and easy to clean. 

Get your AeroPress coffee maker from Coffeegram today and take part in the coffee revolution. Everyone deserves to have access to the best coffee – kickstart your journey today.

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