Designed to look every bit of alluring as the coffee it makes, cafetiere systems from Coffeegram are a luxurious piece of equipment that sets the standards high.

No longer will you be forced to settle for second best with your own cafetiere, producing a consistently luxurious brew each and every time with the simple click of a button. 

The barista’s favourite tool is every bit as practical as it is useful, eliminating any room for error by processing the brew with your preferences in mind. Say goodbye to unworthy coffee and to mess, reducing the amount of rubbish that builds up as a result of your brew. 

Double wall cafe presses incorporate a beautiful design and maximum heat retention, making for a coffee that tastes every bit as good as the cafetiere from which it came. This wonderfully designed piece of equipment is an elegant device to brew coffee with minimal effort and is perfect for anyone looking to kick start their day with a quality cup of their favourite coffee. 

Users can enjoy a fantastic cup in little to no time with this well-designed piece of equipment that any true coffee lover should have at their disposal. 

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