Hario Skerton Hand Coffee Grinder

  • Iconic grinder design
  • Range of settings to tailor your grind
  • Superior, high-quality addition for coffee lovers




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The Hario Skerton coffee grinder is iconic and functional, blending durability and versatility to create a unique way of brewing coffee that is perfect for coffee lovers and enthusiasts alike.

Leaving you in charge of the grind size, you can easily adapt the settings to suit your individual requirements and personal taste preferences. Go for a coarse grind if you fancy a cold brew, or alternatively, a finer grind will brew you a perfect espresso with ease. 

Durable, adjustable and attractive in appearance, the Hario Skerton coffee grinder is the perfect piece of brewing equipment to get you set up for the rest of the day with a delicious cup of freshly-brewed coffee.

The design features sturdy ceramic burrs to guarantee longevity and a precise grind, ensuring their superiority to the often-used steel versions. The top chamber also includes a silicon lid to keep everything in order and ensure the beans stay in place throughout the process.

Thanks to its good quality and durability, the Hario Skerton coffee grinder will serve your coffee needs for many more years to come. Make the entire brewing process into a task to be enjoyed with a top quality grinder that will guarantee the success of your daily shot of caffeine.

If you are on the lookout for the best equipment to brew and serve your coffee just like a Barista, the Hario Skerton coffee grinder is the one for you. Say goodbye to mediocre cups of coffee and welcome the best coffee into your life with Coffeegram.

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