Do you want to be in complete control of the coffee process from start to finish? Are you the type of coffee lover that refuses to leave anything to chance?

With a syphon by your side, the way in which you brew a cup of coffee is completely changed, making the entire process a whole lot of fun. 

The vacuum coffee maker puts you in control of the temperature, brewing time and method, giving you the power to determine the taste of your morning coffee based on your needs. This process is not for the faint of heart but is the ultimate piece of equipment for serious coffee lovers that will not settle for anything less than perfection. 

Otherwise known as the ‘vac-pot’, this style of coffee maker had been out of fashion from the 1970s and has had a resurgence in popularity latterly, with coffee connoisseurs rediscovering the joys of dedicating time and effort for each and every cup. Cafes and restaurants had abandoned this system in previous years, much to the dismay of true caffeine lovers, but now you can rejuvenate your soul at home. 

This classic form of brewing is a rewarding piece of kit that all coffee addicts should try at least once, if not just to fully understand the care that goes into each and every fine detail of the brewing process.

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