Hario V60 02 White Ceramic Dripper

  • Innovative larger design
  • Extracts more flavour
  • Adjustable water flow




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If it is the king of coffee drippers you are after, you have come to the right place with the Hario V60. One of the best available cup drippers, the V60 02 White Ceramic Dripper is a resounding success, guaranteeing you a cup of premium coffee that tastes incredible every time.

Hario have crafted a lot of barista equipment over the years, culminating in the V60 model that you see today. One of their most popular brewing inventions, the 02 size is larger than the original, making it the perfect choice for cafés and baristas alike - available today from Coffeegram. 

The V60 dripper is a favourite thanks to its innovative design. Not only does it retain heat much better than a traditional fan dripper, but it also produces far more extraction than achieved by using a flannel filter.

A single hole in this dripper enables you to adjust the water flow in order to determine the ground coffee’s flavour; the addition of spirals allows air to escape as the coffee expands during the brewing process. 

It is this innovative thinking and smart design that really sets the Hario V60 02 White Ceramic Dripper apart. If you are a coffee lover who simply won’t compromise on quality, this is the perfect companion for you.

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