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Coffee Gifts Perfect for Father’s Day

Jun 15 2017
Coffee Gift

Father’s Day is an occasion designed to celebrate all that our dads and the father figures in our lives do for us, a day of celebration and appreciation. We give gifts as small tokens of this appreciation, intended to give a little back and simply say ‘thank you’ for all their hard work over the years. 

For that very reason, it should come as no great surprise that the best gifts are personal, tailored to the individual interests and personality of your father. Whether it is coffee gifts, golf or fishing gifts or a present themed around his favourite model of car, he is sure to appreciate the thought behind your chosen gift even more when he knows you have taken the time to make it personal to him.

Different Tastes and Different Personalities

However, when it comes to coffee, things require a little more thought and careful planning. There are three types of coffee-loving dads, and each will need a different gift. First is the dad who struggles to function without his daily cup of coffee, relying on his early morning caffeine fix to get him through the day. Second, comes the dad who enjoys a decent cup of coffee but isn’t quite au fait with the many options available in terms of blends and alternative methods of making coffee. Then, last but certainly not least, is the real coffee lover. This is the dad who treats each sip of coffee like he would a fine wine, to be savoured and enjoyed.

Favourite Coffee Gifts

With all these different types of coffee lovers, it makes sense that there is also a variety of coffee gifts to match. Good coffee is there to be enjoyed and shared, so give the gift of coffee this Father’s Day with a gift that you know he will love. 

If you are struggling for ideas, a premium coffee subscription is a safe bet. Allow dad to indulge in some delicious luxury coffee, choosing a blend to suit his individual tastes. Our subscriptions offer you complete flexibility not just in terms of the blend, but also with regards to delivery frequency and the length of your chosen subscription, making for a truly bespoke gift.

Why not upgrade your father’s coffee experience with a top-quality piece of coffee-making equipment. From grinders and cafetieres to the innovative AeroPress, you will easily be able to find something which suits his requirements.

For more ideas and luxury coffee gifts perfect for Father’s Day, please browse our website. 

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