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How Do You Take Yours?

Nov 16 2017

We all enjoy a good cup of coffee – in fact, we’d go as far as saying that most of us live for it! But what turns a good cup of coffee a great cup of coffee can sometimes be as simple as the perfect accompaniment. So, for all of you coffee lovers out there, we have put together a list of our ultimate coffee break treats to enjoy with your ‘oh so good’ daily (or hourly) brew.


One of the most obvious picks, there is nothing quite like the sensation of chocolate melting in your mouth whilst you sip on your coffee or espresso. Milk, dark or white, chocolate is a popular choice for pairing with coffee - a definite one to indulge in every now and then - especially good with stronger coffee choices.

We recommend indulging in your favourite chocolate treat with a freshly-brewed mug of our Södermalm Blend in hand - the perfect pure coffee drink to offset the sweetness of the chocolate.


If like many, you need (and we mean need) your daily caffeine fix in the morning, teaming it with a buttery, flaky croissant is a great combination – perfect for those with hectic schedules.

Breakfast on the go? Sorted.


An ever-popular choice in coffee shops and bars worldwide. Biscotti comes in many various forms, tastes and sizes - such as the classic almond – and many other flavours, including pistachio, chocolate, cherry, ginger… the list of joy is endless.

Biscotti is especially good paired with a rich, strong espresso.

Ginger Cake

You wouldn’t think it at first, but don’t knock it until you try it! Ginger cake is a great choice for the cappuccino and milky coffee lovers amongst you.

Ever had a toffee nut latte with some gingerbread or a gingerbread latte with a slice of cake? We rest our case.

If you aren't a fan of syrup in your coffee, pair your cake with our Fitzroy Blend. You can thank us later.


Similar to the classic croissant, brioche seems a good fit for a cup of morning coffee, or even for a tasty afternoon snack. Melt in the mouth, sweet, soft, buttery bread, washed down with a warm gulp of your chosen rocket fuel… need we say more?

Cinnamon Bun

A common winter favourite around the world; a sticky, sweet cinnamon bun with an equally sweet, nutty, flavoursome hot coffee; you’ll be spoiling yourself with this one, but why not? You know you deserve it.

Salted Crackers

An unlikely pairing but one to try nevertheless – especially good if you opt for melt in the mouth salty crackers - for those that like things sweet ‘n’ salty.

Obviously, sometimes a good cup of coffee doesn’t even need to be paired with anything, it is great to enjoy simply on its own. Coffee is a personal thing, so what better way than to create your perfect blend? For more information on all things coffee, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help.

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