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The Health Benefits of Coffee

Feb 08 2018

Over the last few years, there has been a lot of comment on whether coffee is healthy or not. Like anything, too much of a good thing can be bad for you, but what may come as a surprise is that coffee does actually have health benefits. Coffee lovers will, most likely, already know of some, such as the boost of energy that it gives you, but many others are somewhat unreported. However, not to worry, we have put together a list of some of the health benefits that come with drinking coffee.

Helps to Burn Fat

A little-known fact about coffee is that it helps you to burn fat. Caffeine can help boost the metabolic rate and gives your body the jolt that it needs to get up and go. Tasting amazing, coffee is one of the UK’s most popular drinks - almost every home and office will have it.

Give You Nutrients

When coffee is mixed with other beans it offers your body various nutrients, which is again a very little-known fact. A single cup of coffee can contain vitamins like vitamin B2,  B3 and B5 as well as Manganese and Potassium. Although there isn’t a lot of each nutrient in a single cup, for regular coffee drinkers it soon builds up.

Source of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are incredibly healthy for your body, and coffee is one of the largest sources of this. Those who drink coffee on a regular basis are receiving more antioxidants than that of someone who eats nothing but fruit and veg. The more antioxidants in your body, the more protection it has against disease.

Increases Your Energy Levels

Coffee has the ability to make you feel more alert and more awake, as most coffee drinkers probably already know. The caffeine is absorbed into your blood and pumped around your body to stimulate your mind. Increasing your energy levels, it can give you the kickstart you may need in the morning to get up and go.

Calling All Coffee Lovers

For years many people have worried about the long-lasting effect of coffee. More popular questions include: Will it damage the brain? Is it bad for the heart? Will it affect general health?

The answer to these common questions is no. As long as you are drinking coffee in moderation it can be completely healthy for your body, similar to any other drink or food, moderation is key.

Now that you know how healthy coffee really can be, why not expand your coffee horizon and try a different blend today? Who knows, you might even be healthier for it!

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