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Your Favourite Coffee

Nov 09 2017

There are many different methods of making coffee, we all have a favourite that we stick to – our go-to drink of choice - whether out and about or brewing from the comfort of our homes. 

While freshly roasted coffee may be a firm favourite with us coffee aficionados, varying tastes and moods often dictate the specific drink that is ordered. So whether you prefer an espresso or a latte, cappuccino or mocha, here are some of the most popular coffee drinks with a special Coffeegram twist.


For an instant dose of caffeine in the form of your favourite drink, the espresso is perfect. Strong and pure in taste, a shot of espresso is definitely not for those with a sweeter tooth. To make the most of the taste explosion, experiment with different beans and blends until you find your perfect match.

For an exotic, delicately-perfumed espresso, we recommend trying the Panama Geisha beans. Just give it a try - you'll soon see what we mean.


If an espresso isn’t strong enough for your tastes, a ristretto will be the drink for you. This darker, more concentrated drink is the perfect way to get a delicious energy boost on those early morning starts.


A macchiato allows for a more mellow taste. Although it can be made with either a single or double shot of espresso, the ‘perfect’ macchiato tends to vary between individuals, baristas and from country to country.

Traditionally speaking, a macchiato has equal parts espresso and milky foam.


Also known as a long black, an Americano is straight and strong.

Top tip: If you are using a filter to make your freshly roasted coffee, you should make sure to thoroughly clean it before making an Americano to avoid grinds making their way into your drink.


The cappuccino's foam and chocolate sprinkles make it a creamy, indulgent drink. To make it extra special, we recommend giving our exclusive Brooklyn Blend a go. The perfect combination of sweetness and stand-out flavour, try it out and see what we mean. 


One of the most popular coffee drinks here in the UK, the café au lait is simple yet effective. As it is one of the milkiest options available with steamed milk and topped with milky foam, unsurprisingly, it's also the drink of choice among those who prefer their coffee with a less intense kick.


The sweetest of all the standard types of coffee, the mocha is a chocolate and coffee lover's dream. If you really want to maximise the sweetness factor, why not make yours with our delicious Jamaica Blue Mountain beans? Mild yet rich, the Blue Mountain beans feature a unique chocolatey aftertaste - the perfect way to boost the indulgence of your next cup.

Fancy trying a new blend to make your favourite? Browse our website to discover our full range of coffee products, or sign up to our coffee subscription service to get your choice of freshly roasted coffee as often as you like! 

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