• Unique, rich and dark flavour
  • For best results, serve black
  • Relaxed full-bodied blend


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The purist’s paradise, the Södermalm Blend is a unique yet rich coffee. Deep, dark and deliciously strong, this is a blend best suited to those who enjoy their coffee as natural as it comes. 

Best served black, without the addition of milk or sugar, the Södermalm Blend is a real gem. Ideally suited for making a fantastic Americano, the special qualities of this coffee make it one which should be treasured. 

Just one sip of this delicious brew will immediately transport you across to the streets, cafés and small independent shops of Södermalm in Stockholm, Sweden. A district boasting a relaxed, laid-back vibe yet still bursting with culture and creativity, this coffee is the perfect representation of its namesake. 

From the Taster’s Lips 

Pure coffee at its finest, the Södermalm Blend will make an outstanding Americano. The subtle floral notes of the Kenyan add body and allow for a delicious flavour.

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