Single Origin

Coffee is all about enjoyment – from selecting your favourite blend to taking the very last sip from the cup, the drink is one to be savoured and appreciated from start to finish. Bearing that in mind, shouldn’t the process in which you make your coffee be a part of this, too?

Taking the time and care to brew yourself a delicious cup of coffee from the comfort of your home is a simple pleasure, but one which can be incredibly rewarding. Whether you prefer your coffee to be an occasional treat or find yourself needing a daily fix of caffeine every morning to get you through the day, the process associated with making a cup of coffee is one we all go through. 

The type of coffee that you prefer can also affect this. Of course, everyone is different, and this means that different people will understandably prefer different types, styles and blends of coffee. 

Single origin coffee is unique compared to other types of coffee. This is because the beans will have all been sourced from a single place, ensuring an easy trail to trace back right to the roots. Our customers like to know the origins of their coffee, and we feel it is important to show where we have sourced our high-quality coffee beans from. 

However, high-quality coffee needn’t come with an expensive price tag. Here at Coffeegram, we believe that premium, luxury coffee should be readily available to all, which is why we continue to remain committed to sharing only the very best with you. Good coffee is something to be shared, and this is our ethos. 

We currently stock a selection of different single origin coffee blends, ensuring that there is a blend to suit every unique taste bud. From rich and flavoursome coffee to lighter, refreshing tastes, we are sure to have something for you.

Simply browse our website to see all of our available blends and types of single origin coffee. 

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