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Simple and pure, Ethiopian Guji Natural Coffee has a strong history of great coffee running right through from its roots. 

Ethiopian coffee such as this comes directly from the birthplace of Arabica coffee – it really is born this way. Produced using only sustainable methods and techniques, Ethiopian Guji natural roasted coffee undergoes the most sustainable processing method, ensuring a sweetness of taste is maintained. 

Our Ethiopian Guji Natural Coffee is rich and powerfully perfumed, ensuring a memorable taste and a flavour bound to become a firm favourite. Its diversity makes sure that it is unique and exceptional – a real must try blend. 

From the Taster’s Lips 

A range of influences and tastes combine to make the Ethiopian Guji natural roasted coffee perfect for a Cappuccino. With overtones of dried fruit and qualities of berries, blended together expertly with hops and the maltiness of a digestive biscuit, you have to taste it to believe it.

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