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Jamaican coffee is renowned for its complexity and great taste, and our Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is certainly no exception. It is known as the unicorn of the coffee world – give it just a single sip, and you will soon find out why. 

Often favoured for its lightness and delicious chocolate aftertaste, our Jamaica Blue Mountain roasted coffee sits worlds apart from the rest. The unique chocolate aftertaste ensures that the Jamaica Blue Mountain beans create a taste that is mild and simple yet wonderfully complex all at the same time. 

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans are grown at high altitudes, originating from stunning locations where the mountain peaks rise up to meet the clearest blue skies. Each bean enjoys a climate filled with warm sunshine and refreshing, cooling mists that envelop the mountain tops. Hailing from an area like this, it’s no surprise that our Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee encompasses that heavenly taste from start to finish. 

From the Taster’s Lips 

An elegant, mild coffee with a rich brazil nut flavour. Featuring notes of pine and an aftertaste of chocolate cake. Mild green apple acidity.

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