• Sweet, blackcurrant flavour
  • Unique flavour sensation
  • Maximum intensity rich coffee


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Kenyan roasted coffee comes no better than the delicious Kenyan SL28 blend from Coffeegram. 

This blend is unique, not just due to the accidental nature of its creation, but also because of its sweet taste and distinctive flavour. Coffee is all about individuality, and this has never been embraced with more certainty than through Kenyan coffee. 

By its very nature, Kenyan SL28 coffee is relaxing and serendipitous. 

This coffee was accidentally created, becoming the unintentional by-product of an experiment conducted by Scott Laboratories and the Kenyan Government way back in the 1930’s. The experiment was meant to produce a new type of high-yielding plant, but instead, these Kenya coffee beans have a truly magical taste and a unique candy pop sensation that has remained popular ever since. 

From the Taster’s Lips 

Enjoy maximum intensity across the board with the Kenyan SL28 coffee. Featuring rich flavours of blackcurrant cordial combined with a soft drink acidity.

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