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For a rare, speciality coffee with an exotic flavour and unique taste, Panama Geisha coffee is a truly unique blend ideal for your requirements. 

The Panama Geisha is a blend that continually lives up to her name, offering a finished drink that is exotic and crammed full of intrigue. It has been said that just one sip has the power to change your life forever – a bold statement, but we concur. 

The different blends and Geishas of Panama coffee have previously set world records when it comes to the best rare and speciality coffee, and this is certainly no exception. Panama Geisha roasted coffee is undeniably one of the most well balanced and perfumed coffees out there. Don’t miss out. 

From the Taster’s Lips 

The brew features a strong yet delicate aroma of jasmine, expertly mixing with plum and Assam tea. With a subtle chocolate aftertaste, Panama Geisha roasted coffee really is something special.

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